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Sydney AJM Bicom Therapy Clinic in CROWS NEST, NSW

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If dieting and exercising are still not giving you the results you need, then this scientifically proven method for healthy weight management may be of your choice…

The reason diets not work well almost all the time is because people restrict too much. Just focus on calories has also missed the mark entirely. If you restrict your calories, you will end up triggering very ancient biological adaptions that protect us from starvation. You will slow your metabolism and get a lot hungrier.
Our approach is to re-booting the body’s energetic system so to bring the structures of the energetic bodies back to their equilibrium state. Instead of intervening to correct the body’s biochemistry, such as: insulin and leptin, our biophysical approach intervenes at the prior step, by altering or unblocking the instructions being sent around the body, just like emails in your body’s circulatory internet system, by unblocking and clearing the email delivery system, avoid the emails going into the junk folder and get it received by the right party and getting it opened, so your brain and organs can receive these emails with instructions and take action. When your brain and organs registers this, so that your brain will shout at you "Oh, we got too much weight on us", “Oh, we've got a lot of fat on our body. We need to lose some of this fat", or “I am full, do not feed me anymore”. All things like body control system, hypothalamus, hormone system or metabolism start to get you to lose weight. You are not hungry; your metabolism speeds up; and you go into a fat-burning mode, and you effortlessly lose weight.


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Cosmetic Acupuncture
Bicom Bioresonance Wrinkle reduction

Bicom Bioresonance Therapy
Allergic Skin problems
Stop smoking through bioresonance
Bicom Bioresonance Wrinkle reduction
Weight Loss

Bicom Bioresonance Therapy-Natural Therapy based on scientific principle

Weight Loss
Auricular Bicom Bioresonance Method
is a combinations of bicom bioresonance therapy and auricular(ear) acupuncture to improve the body’s self-regulation ability so that our body its-self initiate a drive to regulate body weight with energetic signal,

Eliminate metabolic blocks
Control food craving
Speed up metabolism rate
Regulate autonomic nervous system
Regulate hormonal system

NO hunger
NO harmful anorectics with laxative effects
NO tiredness and fatigue
NO normal yo-yo weight gain/loss effects