Top 6 Must-Have Features

1. Can't be without it! Automated Email and SMS Appointment Reminders

Timely appointment reminders provide a much-appreciated convenience for your customers.  With a system which takes care of all the details no-one misses out and customer preferences are never over-looked.

Pertinent appointment details right when and where your customer needs them, along with a link to instantly review and manage booking details online, makes no-shows rarer than ever.

2. Online payments are money in the bank!

Increase booking commitment and improve cash-flows with online payments.  Easy to configure, customers can pay by credit card with the funds going directly into your bank account, no merchant account required.

You can even offer up-sells at check-out time to increase total sales value.  Sell products and gift cards right from your booking page.

3. Repeat sales and increased life-time value with Customer Relationship Management tools

Selling more to your existing customer base makes great business sense and the driver is customer communications.  Maintaining a database of customer contact details and operating an opt-in email list for birthday greetings, news and special offers is standard operating procedure when it comes to keeping your customers coming back and buying more in your online store.

4. User-friendly customer-self-service.

Letting you customers interact with your business online 24 hours a day, to book or reschedule appointments, make purchases and update contact information costs you nothing.  The benefits are obvious.

Accessable, intuitive, a positive user experience every time.  The Sassable booking system customer self-service interface is an absolute breeze.

5. Tools to impel and secure the buying decision.

Compelling descriptions, eye-catching imagery and detailed product and service information, presented with flair and facility are essential to satisfy the customers need to support and justify their decision to buy.

Believe it or not, reassurance at every step in the buying cycle that your products and/or services are the best choice to fulfil your customer's wants are the most important part of fulfilling the sale and leaving your customer wanting to come back for more.  More important than the product or service itself!

Your Sassable booking page provides for a rich online showroom of product options, images, videos, details, descriptions; everything your customer needs to make a satisfying selection and close the deal.

6. Doing the numbers.  One-click sales reporting.

Take the business out of being in business and get the reports you need easily and instantly, so you always know where you're at financially, without losing hours to do so.  With all your sales data automatically collecting in your online database, extracting the information you need is one-click away.