Beauty Bargain-Balm and Lip Stain!

I love lip stains but they can be a bit drying, and lip stains on dry lips is no good (think uneven, patchy, weird coverage). Revlon has the solution with Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm! One side is a clear lip balm and the other is a felt-tip lip stain. This clever named product gives you a long-lasting fresh "just been kissed" (or bitten!) look. I am in love with the color "Passion" but it comes in tons of juicy shades. I apply the Balm first which feels silky smooth and moisturizing. This serves as a great base for the stain which then goes on even and can be applied with a light hand and spread with your finger tip. You could also apply the Balm and then wait a bit to apply the stain for a longer lasting more intense look. It runs about $8 but can be found on special for as low as $5 depending on where you find it! Now, that's a deal!