Finger Paint! 3 Nail Trends You Have to Try

Your digits and their color are perhaps one of the first things people at the office notice. Paint them candy apple red, cobalt blue, or canary yellow- it's always such a pleasant relief from looking at all the numbers and letters on your desktop, isn't it?

So to help you prettify your fingers for that all-nighter at work (or in school), we've prepared a list of the best nail trends you should try. Here they are.

CND's Shellac


You know you want all that shine to come with that cute shade that you picked to match whatever it is you want to match it with. Nail gels like this wear out in such a long time. The longest by far going up to 3 weeks. It's more expensive than a regular nail polish at $36 per treatment, but the results far outweigh the benefits of using plain nail colors. A visit to the salon is recommended for having your nails done with this because of the necessity to use a UV lamp to cure the product. That's one reason to stay close to your nail technician.

Crackle Nails


Chipped nail polish may be unsightly and never fashionable, but there's a new trend to counter this. It doesn't venture far from the concept destroyed nail polish either. Crackle or Shatter nail polish has been adapted by many of the biggest names in nail trends. OPI has a collection of it, and so does Sally Hansen

Matte Nail Color


Like MAC Ruby Woo's intense color without the distraction of shine and shimmer, nail experts have sworn by the beauty of matte nail polish. It's understated, making it a great base for nail art. You can wear it with a shiny French Tip, as a base under glossy patterns or animal prints, and as a clear top coat over glitter polish. 

What other nail trends are you excited about? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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