Hey There Smokers-Check out the "Healthy Alternative" and Save Face

smoking cigarette.jpg

Lots of hairstylists smoke. I know this because when I get my hair done, I can smell it on their fingers. Sometimes faintly because they have washed their hands or whatnot, but sometimes in full force. 

The truth is, besides it being addictive, bad for your lungs, and possibly causing cancer, smoke just stinks, literally. It will also make your skin and teeth look older than they should. But I get it, it is fun and cool and enjoyable. 

So I was intrigued when I saw a couple smoking inside a restaurant and NO ONE said anything to them. I was like, "HELLOOOO?". But then I noticed I couldn't smell it. So I asked them what the heck they were smokin'! Turns out it was an e-cigarette from Lucky Slicks. Whoaaa, what is THAT?

It looks like a regular cig (unless you get the black one) and you drag on it like a regular cig, but it is not. You charge this cool little gadget and then stick on a "cartridge" that has liquid in it. When you drag on the cig the liquid gets turned into a smoke free vapor that you smoke just like, well, smoke. You can get regular cigarette flavor or others from sweet to menthol. You can also buy it with varying levels of nicotine so you can quit while still doing what you love. Eventually you can get the one with NO nicotine and just smoke for fun. 

Pros are: no tar, no second hand smoke (safe around kids and others), no staining, no smelly clothes, breath, or hair, no skin damage, no flame, cheaper, can help you to quit, no ashes...etc. WOWIE! I bought one for my friend who smokes A LOT and it helped him to to quit. He said it is not exactly the same of course, but pretty dang close and he likes that he can legally smoke it anywhere...at work, in the airport, restaurants, in the car. 

I bought a kit because I used to smoke but quit, and I miss it when I go out. But now I can smoke the nicotine-free liquid and it is so much fun! 

So save your skin, your teeth, your lungs, and try this thing! Your clients will thank you. You can see the how-to videos here if you want. Leonardo Dicaprio, Kevin Federline, Lindsay Lohan, and Nikki Reed (from Twilight) were all spotted using one, as well as many other celebs.