Makeup Must Haves for Valentine's Day

February is already in plain sight and you know what that means. V-day is already peeking around the corner. So if you have plans for the day of hearts, you also have to prepare to beautify yourself. It doesn't matter if it's a simple date at a park, a posh dinner at a fine dining restaurant, or a night out with your friends. You're still going to want to look your best. We've listed a couple of things that you might want to get on your face this season of love.


Bold, Red Lips

Red is most definitely the color that has stood the test of time when it comes to lipsticks. It speaks confidence and sex appeal albeit in a very subtle way. Red lipstick looks best when it's matte. Matte, not dry. For your perfect pucker, try M.A.C. Ruby Woo for that retro beauty. This is one reason why it's Dita Von Teese's favorite. Make sure to keep the rest of your face clean and simple, though. You wouldn't want to look like Ronald McDonald's.


Cat Eyes

Nothing says "come hither" better than the eyes. For that statement, cat eyes are your best bet. When your eyeliner is made with the perfect texture and the finest ingredients, it's surely going to make for a long-lasting stare contest between you and an admirer. Try Maybelline Ultra Liner Waterproof for that smooth, even, and instant cat eye.


Pink Flush

Nothing says youth better than a pinkish flush on your cheeks. Makeup artists swear by the magic of Nars Blush in Orgasm because it is tried and tested to suit all skin tones. That slightly pink glow works like a charm in giving you that innocent, child-like appeal that most people find both adoring and alluring.

These are a few of the best ones out there. There may be more in store for you if you start looking around. It's a new year, so go ahead and pretty-fy yourself with these new toys that you will love all year long.