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Headhunters Hair Designs in BONDI JUNCTION, NSW

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Afro Styling Ammonia Free Blow Drying Blow Waving Braiding Bridal Hairstyling Clipper Cuts Colour Corrections Colouring Conditioning Cornrows Dreadlocks Extensions Foils Frosting Glossing Hair Beads Hair Cuts Hair Makeovers Hair Repair Treatments Hair Straightening Head Massage Weaves Wigs

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Afro Styling
We are the foremost specialist in afro straightners,texturizers ,relaxers perms,conditioning steam treatments etc we have over 44 years of all mixed human hair you name the type we've dealt with it if your hair is not becoming to you you should be coming to us we also weave , braid,cornrow,toy,wrap, blow-dry straight ,hot tong and roller set you name it we do it.we reinvented what to do to grow afro hair as most the things that are written in texts and on bottles is incorrect which is why most people have had alot of problems trying to grow and do this particular hair type up As our approach will allow afro hair to grow ,move shine have strength and softness .it is 1 of the most time consuming and costly hairstyles to maintain most people have no idea what needs to go in to this particular type of styling and if this same approach was given to all hair types most people would crd about and love their hair more as hairdressers i believe you shoud take as much time as you can as this is your antennae to the world all that is written about headhunters is copywriter for elizabeth king

Ammonia Free
this is a very big subject the most important factor is the ammonia has been the product that has allowed the color to get in to difficult to color hair we have a special product now that does it for us and we are the only salon that literally neutralizes every color after coloring and then does a conditioning treatment so you will never leave our salon with any color residues in your hair and it will never damage from our colors.

Blow Drying
you must have plenty of time when coming for a blowdry for the 1st time to us as we work very differently to other salons as we consult and advise and teach with every service we do and perfection takes time and we say to take plenty of that

Blow Waving
blow wave can be a form of drying waves or curls in to the hair ,where we can dry the natural wave or curl into the hair blow dry and blow wave are really the same thing just people call them different names.we advise a steam conditioning treatment before these services for the optimum look.

braiding is a task as we know and can give arthritis, cramps long term but we do a great job we don't hurt like most braiders we have even invented a method call bridging for baldness so you can have hair and weaves extension etc where you would never thought you could put them we are very expensive and take our time so if this sounds like the service your after than i'm the girl for you.i am defiantly not quick or cheap for this service i can cornrow ,single braid, dread,track,i also teach any of these or any other service in classes.u get what u pay for so if u are on a budget let us know and we will tell u what u can do.

Bridal Hairstyling
Bridal Hairstyling
bridzilla ,yes it is one of the hardest days for people to be nice and not do the freak i can fit a bride with all the hair pieces she needs but unless you pay alot extra and we do alot of pre hairdos 1st im probably not the girl for you wedding day unless you love me and i u and we work well together and we have no bridzilla attacks on the hairdresser me who would be the one trying to keep u calm and make u beautiful.

Clipper Cuts
we do clipper cuts but it is much nicer to have scissor over come and detailed by a scissor cutting expert obviously not as cheap or quick.we give a great hair wash and condition after our clipper cuts tho which is very much a cleansing and clearing you will experience feeling much lighter when you leave .

Colour Corrections
we have specialised in this for many years and can be one of the most expensive services in hairdressing as each mix and each application can and will cost some color corrections can take 15 odd colors to do safely the way we do them so that the client still has hair and will be in good condition.

when we color hair it is done in the most organic way possible as we always neutralize every color after when rinsing and always give a steam conditioning treatment for as long as you like after that at least 30 mins required 3hours suggested if you have the time this ensures no color residues left on the hair and leaves it in the best organic form of color ever invented ,by elizabeth king. you can do many different chemical process to hair if you are following these methods

we are the only salon in the world that will let you and in some cases require you to do specialised steam conditioning treatments with most of our services other wise we have been known to knock back doing hair in some cases that wont do them these treatment put back shine strength and moisture and softness and are a must when wanting the best results with hair

take plenty of time and lots of money for these looks read our braid section.if u are on a budget let us know and we will tell u what u can get.

hairdressing is so literal most people dread to do them see them have them but we take great care and lots of time to do them properly as you only get 1 shot to get them right so very time consuming and very expensive to be done properly we are also 1 of the rare people that can get out most knots on the head, once again ,very time consuming and expensive but you get what you pay for and more if your on a budget let us know how much and we will tell u what u can have for that amount.

i am one of the foremost specialist in hair extensions i have even invented bridging methods for people with baldness patches to still have extensions weaves and clip ons are the safest method if you are trying to grow the hair we can do all methods and we can take out all methods.

because of the depth of this subject i will skim for know long term not a good way to color you can come for a consult about color we suggest if you want have a technical chat about color and color methods book 3 to 5 days prior to color for a steam conditioning treatment which will prepare the hair for the color or colors you are heading for exuse the pun and i can also take u to the wig and hair piece room to see various colous and explain how to get color with ease and the long term of how to keep safely or not and all the thing no one ever tells let alone explains to you its a must. also read hair frosting.

read about the foils as it is the same rap ,also u want to be able to pull thru with ease so treat 1st then no washing wetting sweating ,tying or hats ,for up to 5 days then color with ease when the natural oils are there and the ends have been kept straight for those many days in some cases3 days depends how oily.

glossing can be a couple of things pays to check as in the old days it was polishing and it was a way of coloring, and it was also a method of blowdrying.that we did and still know how to do.

Hair Beads
we can bead wrap pearl ,feather u name it. i think you get the best hair cut if you treat the hair first

Hair Cuts
i pride myself on being 1 of the best cutters,in the world i have invented many different techniques of cutting and started many fashions and styles over the years .after a long consultation and education about hair what it does or does not do and what you would need to do to get the desired affects you get to try wigs on 1st to see where you might like to head and see if we are thinking on the same page then i suggest we do a steam conditioning treatment before cutting to get the desired affects you want hair needs to have elasticity ,shine, strength, softness and moisture you also get a week to change the cut for free with a smile so even if there is something you like or hate i don't ever think of it as criticism i think of it like a love call as we are both virgins to each others things so good to be able to talk to some one and have that repore so u can go back and change something that may not work for you or show what u do or dont want next time when it 1st happens not 2 months later trying to then describe it.

Hair Makeovers
i am the transformation queen i can and have transformed some of the biggest stars in the biz . i feel everyone is a star and should all be treated as such a makeover is one of my favourite things to do.

Hair Repair Treatments
we are the only salon in the world that will let you and in some cases require you to do specialised steam conditioning treatments with most of our services other wise we have been known to knock back doing hair in some cases that wont do them these treatment put back shine strength and moisture and softness and are a must when wanting the best results with hair.

Hair Straightening
i have been straightening hair for over 44 years now and have done various methods i reinvented how i believe it should be done safely in our climate so the hair still will have optimum condition ,elasticity, shine strength and moisture and above all movement i have done afro hair all my life so come with a wealth of knowledge on how to straighten hair with out the harsh effects of 220 degrees of heat from the irons every body seems to want to use when it is not necessary and can harm hair if not used in the right way, when straightening hair it can be relaxed straightened or texturized.or even permed yo a straighter curl or wave people have travelled all round the world for our method which leaves the hair in the best condition.

Head Massage
we are the best at this we have also been known to grow back people hair where they have had thin hair and or baldness occurring we invented metaphysical hairdressing over 40 years ago which incorporates healing and hair

 weaves are defiantly 1 of our specialties we even invented bridging for baldness so if a client is missing a section of hair i could attach with a weave some hair to cover the patch basically where ever there is enough hair for me to grab in my tips of my fingers chances are i can attach some hair to it weaves are the safest form of hair extensions if you are trying to grow your hair if done correctly and special instructions about products tools and how to care for are followed you can grow your hair i had a hairdresser come and work for me once who said she could not grow her hair past a bob ever in her life so i gave her my weave and instructed her my philosophy and she grew it 22 and a half inches long in 2 and a half years yeeee haaaa everything is possible with in reason if we are ready and it is our turn and time to hear listen and implement.clip on weaves was something i invented years ago was a cheaper option for extensions long term as i saw people don't rip them apart as quickly when they are not sewn in as they have to deal with the hair in front of them they tend to look after and maintain it in a different caring manner. we have also invented a clip on for the top of the extensions so where people have been breaking out the top of their hair they can instantly have hair there which also tends to cover all the extensions underneath if their hair isn't doing that as for the lack of hair, where the breakage is or a color problem is etc etc etc i can go on for hours on the subject for more info you can do classes with us or u will be able to get my book on this subject very shortly so send a email to me showing your interest and we will let you know when its released. it will be outlining many aspects about extensions as i have been doing them for over 40 years 1 way or another.

we have the biggest and best wis,hairpieces, human wigs synthetic wigs,mens toupees, mens wigs ,and hair units children's wigs and hair pieces ponytails,hair extensions clip on extensions, lace front wigs ,lace front hair pieces , custom made mono top wigs and pieces,alopecia and cancer,tricacilamilia specialists, movie theatre, medical,professional, fun we have wigs for every occasion and top pieces to fill any problem bald spot. we also have a hire wig service ,we can custom make any thing in the hair world we can cut, color ,perm ,straighten,blow dry condition and repair any wig or hair piece whether you bought it from us or not .you can drop in or make a appointment depending on time as we take however long is needed with each client and we have a salon to custom to your liking the way you like. .i"ve been doing this for over 40 years people travel from all around the world for our expertise we also wholesale and retail so see you when we're lookin at ya:}