Why send email to inactive customers?

Inactive customers may again become active customers.  This can be encouraged through maintaining regular email contact, once every 60-90 days.  These emails provide a valuable service to inactive customers:

  • reminding them about the availability of your services
  • helping prompt them to book an appointment if they have been meaning to come back but just haven't gotten around to it
  • helping prompt them to recommend you to family or friends who are looking for a dietitian

Inactive customer emails

Sassable makes consistently following this process quick and easy by prompting you with a list of inactive customers who are due to be emailed after 60-90 days.
A personalised message will be pre-selected for each customer to be emailed, ready for you to optionally review or edit before clicking Send.
If you have enabled Online Bookings a personalised booking link will be included at the end of the email for if they would like to check availability and make a booking.
An unsubscribe link is also included to meet anti-spam requirements.  Any inactive customer who nolonger wishes to receive these emails can click on the Unsubscribe link and will be flagged as unsubscribed so they will not be sent any further emails.