Why send email to prospects?

Sending regular emails (every 60-90 days) to prospects - people in your personal and professional network who may be looking for a dietitian is also providing a valuable service by:

  • reminding them about the availability of your services
  • helping prompt them to book an appointment if they have been meaning to see a dietitian but just haven't gotten around to it
  • helping prompt them to recommend you to family or friends who are looking for a dietitian

Sassable makes expanding your reach easy.  Just enter the name and email address of new contacts.  The system will track what was sent when and prompt you when its time to reach out again.

The standard email sent to new prospects is 50% off on a first visit for you or a friend, valid for 30 days.  

The alternate email sent to prospects is a New Season Special offering 20% off for visits during the current month.

Create your own email templates

Create your own email templates to send to prospects and/or inactive customers.  You can prepare industry news, tips, service updates or special offers to send relevant messages keeping in touch with customers and contacts.

No bulk emailing

Each message is sent individually by you and can be personalised with a custom message.  Track notes in the system about your conversations with the prospect so you can write meaningful messages and build the relationship.