Why send thank you emails?

Regardless of whether email is sent as part of a consultation to provide supporting materials for example a diet plan or nutritional information, etc. it is good practice to also send a thank you email.

Sending a thank you email:

  1. shows you appreciate their business by saying thank you
  2. confirms the date and time of their next appointment if applicable, and
  3. invites them to leave feedback
"Thank you for coming to see me today.  Your next appointment is at ... on ..."
"How was everything?  Please use this link if you would like to leave feedback about your experience."
Customers who have something to say will appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Requesting feedback

Using software to accept feedback enables customers to leave anonymous feedback.  This is important in a one-on-one service situation as it provides a safe way to leave honest constructive feedback or criticism without fearing that it may be directly attributed or taken too personally.
Anonymous feedback is compiled into a monthly summary report inorder to protect the anonymity of individual customers.
This feedback can be a valuable source of information for improving service levels and customer satisfaction.